A smile in your wedding day

On the wedding day, the greatest satisfaction for me is to see the smiles of brides reflection in the mirror while I take care of their style. Together we decide the perfect makeup.

The brightness and intensity of a perfect look made of light, well-researched shadows to be perfect even in photographs, to finish the application of false eyelashes and mascara choice of bride.

The sweetness of a natural base for the face made perfect by a slight counturing covering small imperfections resulting at the same time natural and light.

The sensuality of seductive lips lit by bright lipstick, classic red, or lip gloss.

Years of experience have taught me that every bride has her own style and thanks to the ability to understand and listen to the various needs and dreams have failed so far to bring to pass the dream of my brides a perfect makeup in their most important day.

I rigged brides of all nationalities from American to Indian, to Arabic, English to Russian Chinese Japanese, and each of them gave me a smile and a piece of its culture which always remain in my heart and in my experience.



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